Bite Society - Salsa Macha

Bite Society

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Bite Society - Salsa Macha

What can't Salsa Macha do? Let us know. We haven't found it yet. This blend of garlic, chiles, pepitas, and just a hint of cinnamon elevates everything from roasted meats and vegetables to ice cream. If you have been searching for where to buy Salsa Macha, search no more.

This do-everything condiment has its roots in Vera Cruz and Oaxaca, Mexico. This sister to Chinese Chili Crisp has a decidedly Mexican flavor profile. We use it on nearly everything we eat. Eggs? Most definitely. Whether you like them sunny side up, in a scramble, or poached, this spicy, crunchy blend of flake chili, fried garlic and onion, pepitas, sesame, and cinnamon will brighten up any egg dish.

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