C&S Packages - For Dad

Cone & Steiner

Got friends out of town? This item can be shipped!

Show your dad how much you love him, even if he wears socks with sandals!

We put together some of our favorite products that the dad folks in your life are sure to love.

  • A Ranger Station candle. Poured into crystal whiskey glasses, these rugged scents are the ultimate utility. Bet he wont complain about wasting money on candles now!
  • The Pathfinder Non-Alcoholic spirit. Give him something he hasn't tried before! This amaro style distilled beverage is the perfect addition to his evening cocktail, or nice and fine served on the rocks with a twist of lemon.
  • A fathers day card to tell him how much you care, and give everyone a good laugh.
  • Candy. Dads love malt balls, we don't make the rules! So of course we threw in a few of those.

Available for delivery or in store pick up from now until Father's Day! (That's June 19th by the way)



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