La Vieille Ferme - Blanc

La Vieille Ferme
La Vieille Ferme has been popular with wine lovers for over 40 years. Produced in a peaceful and sunny region of the Southern Rhône, each colour is an expression of its terroir: the Ventoux brings elegance and structure to the red wines; the altitude of the Luberon brings freshness and finesse to the whites and rosés. La Vieille Ferme is made with great care and integrity by Famille Perrin, proprietors of Chateau de Beaucastel. 

Beautiful pale -yellow color with shiny green undertones. The bouquet is a delicate white-flesh fruit, citrus fruit, spring flowers, fresh with an attractive aromatic intensity. The mouth is full of freshness, rich with mineral acidity, and the finish is aromatic and mouth-watering.

Made By:
La Vieille Ferme
Rhône, France
Alcohol By Volume:13%
Style: Blanc


750 mL bottle

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